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What is LUXURY for a silk textile company? Interview with Kostas Mouhtaridis,owner of SilkLine






 What is Luxury for a silk textile company ?



A couple of months ago I had the opportunity to have a real talk with Kostas Mouhtaridis, owner of SilkLine, in Soufli,Greece. After this talk , personally speaking, I found how important is to start a new interview series  and reveal  the role of textile in the fashion field.How would we describe the role of a silk textile company today and its benefits for the consumer? 
There is a significant developent in the work of a silk textile manufacturer over the years that It is important to know in order to realize the value of real quality.
For me it makes a big difference the final quality of textile we offer to the consumer. It's often the main reason to keep on top a company's  reputation. Talking about quality of textile is not just the thread or the dyeing process. It's also the pureness and the feeling we get of the final product.

As fashion lover I want to know what makes up quality. I love to have the knowledge to choose what  I do really want to wear. I've always tried to understand the creative mixture of old style and new design concept. My journey continues. Let's discover it ! 




The SILKLINE company has as its object the silk processing and the production of silk products. Founded by Mr. Athanasios Mouchtaridi 1976 Soufli of Evros. In 1992 the company bought the ¼ of the mechanical equipment of the Brothers factory Tzivre in Athens. In mid-1996 the company launched the new factory  in the 1st km Soufliou- Alexandroupolis which houses until today the production of the company. The factory facilities cover an area of 1.500 sqm and consist of:
1) the Italian modern mechanical weaving equipment. 
2) Finishing of silk yarn with zero friction, that make the silk thread ideal for embroidery
3) and dye silk yarns with mechanical silk apogomosis equipment vibrations to produce embroideries with non-toxic to the human body.
Head of SILK LINE, Mr Kostas Mouhtaridis who is born in the town of Soufli. His involvement of the company begins from childhood, namely 1982 as impressed by the enthusiasm of his father for silk.Mr Mouhtaridis desire has to deal with dyeing and sale of silk. The realization of Mr Mouhtaridis childhood's dream with his first achievement  a sophisticated digital printer, a fabric disc cutting machine and a apogomosis silk machine vibrations in paintshop finishes, is until today the most significant developent in his work as a silk textile manufacturer over the years.


♦ Think-Feel-Discover : Mr Mouhtaridis where were you born? SILK LINE company has a rich history of working with silk, can you run as briefly through your heritage?

 I was born in 1971, in Soufli, Greece and I remember all my childhood, my student, teenage and subsequent years to find myself in the company .“SILK LINE A. Mouhtaridis S.A.” (1976) is a family company with history and a long tradition in processing and manufacturing of silk products, ranging from scarves, ties and shirts to sheets, blankets and tablecloths with unique fashion design in colour and lines.

In the process of manufacturing, SILK LINE uses the latest weaving machinery and applies state-of-the-art threads and embroidery techniques. SILK LINE products are exported to European markets and have a network of exclusive clientele in Greece.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover : Why did you decide to become a silk textile producer and follow the roots of your family heritage? 

Because my parents taught me to love Soufli, creativity and silk. 


♦ Think-Feel-Discover : Why a design thinking company should  prefer cooperating with SILKLINE, a silk textile company based in Soufli, Greece?  

We are located in the heart of silk production, Soufli, Greece. The long history of high skilled fabric collection, I believe is a great challenge for a designer to cooperate with.


♦ Think-Feel-Discover : What is Luxury for Kostas Mouhtaridis and how it is expressed on your own brand signature

 Luxury for me and our brand is our fabrics, which are transformed into clothes, ties, scarves and embroidery. 


♦ Think-Feel-Discover : How does colour challenge the way you appreciate the design of your new silk collection?

First of all we need to plan the next fabric idea. Then we create new colour shades that we will use after a lot of experimentation in our upcoming silk collection.

♦ Think-Feel-Discover : What is creativity for you? 

Create new fabric designs and try to use original silk threads.

 ♦ Think-Feel-Discover : How do you define style ?

For me  style is  identified with the personality of person.

 ♦ Think-Feel-Discover : You launched a new collection of silk ties. What was your real motive and What other product categories do  you produce?

Basically we produce Fabrics, silk threads, scarves, needlework and embroidery.The idea of developing new designs to meet the requirements for the men's style, It was a real challenge for us.


♦ Think-Feel-Discover : What would you describe as the most significant development in your work as a silk textile manufacturer over the years?

 The modern weaving looms and the machine for the silk finishing.


♦ Think-Feel-Discover : What does it mean FASHION to you? 

For me fashion is the creative mixture of old style and new design concept. Tradition and trends in our daily life.

 ♦ Think-Feel-Discover : What is Soufli ? What is Greece for Kostas Mouhtaridis? 

Personnally speaking, Soufli is my reason  to breathe and  Greece my respect to the spirit of tradition.






By Chrysanthi Kosmatou, July 22/ 2016.